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Nero Atlanta

Embrace your adventurous spirit and unlock your full potential through immersive storytelling and character embodiment

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The Uncharted Realms is the official NERO chapter for Atlanta, Georgia, and uses the 9th Edition NERO rules. Live-action roleplaying is an engaging form of interactive storytelling that revolves around immersive narratives, character development, and dynamic role-playing fantasy experiences. Participants actively bring their characters to life, donning elaborate costumes, and employing foam weapons to simulate combat.


Our Services

Our dynamic player base spans a vast spectrum of creations, from formidable weapons and resilient armor to enchanting spell packets that bring magic to life. 


Foam Wepon Smithing

Embark on a journey of unparalleled craftsmanship with our exquisite collection of handmade treasures.


Foam Armor Smithing

Embark on an odyssey of bespoke protection and unparalleled craftsmanship with our distinguished.


Spell Packets

Cast a spell of enchantment with our premium spell packets. Elevate your magical endeavors

The story of the Uncharted Realms


The story of the Uncharted Realms takes place in a recently rediscovered corner of Tyrra known as the Netherwilds. Adventurers, commoners, and nobles have been travelling to the Netherwilds to make their mark on history. Brighthome, a principality of the kingdom of Evendarr, has laid claim to the northern area and established two baronies in the lands that were pried from the grasp of the native druids. Far to the south lies the Eternal Empire which is ruled by two undead emperors who demand strict obedience. Brighthome and the Eternal Empire have declared a temporary and uneasy truce so that they may defend the Netherwilds from enemies that they share. Magic behaves oddly and unexpectedly in the Netherwilds, and the constellations in the sky don’t line up properly with what is recorded in scholarly texts. There are rumors that these lands are referred to as the Nexus and that people and entities from other worlds have begun to make their appearance.

Image Gallery

An exquisite visual journey captured in this curated image gallery. Immerse yourself in the modern elegance and timeless allure that define Nero Atlanta's unique aesthetic. From sleek architectural designs to captivating interior spaces, each image showcases the meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated ambiance that make Nero Atlanta a standout destination. Join us in exploring the harmonious blend of luxury and innovation, as depicted through the lens of our captivating gallery.


Our Team


David Martin



Scott Dawson 


"Engaging in this activity proves to be both enjoyable and imaginative, offering a commendable departure from the complexities of the real world."

Lorraine Hortman

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